• Tight Up Skirt - website3:34
  • Man Up (Mix)2:29
  • Shelly-Ann - website4:04
  • Want Me (Mix)3:08
  • Dwayne - website3:47
  • Nuh Live Nuh Weh - website3:46

Wallace Wilson a.k.a. Red Rat was born January 17th in the city St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. He is an Internationally renowned Dancehall Icon, songwriter, and producer. It didn’t take long for Red Rat to love and become one with the stage. It was at the early age of four (4), that he began singing on the tourism/hotel circuit in Jamaica along with his brothers Richard “Richie” Barr (former bass player for Jimmy Cliff & Diana King) and Troy “Klaryti” Wilson (one of Jamaica’s legendary drummers). He knew exactly what he wanted to be when he was growing up. Red Rats father was the guitarist for the famous British 60ʼs band “Jimmy James and the Vagabonds”, and also for Byron Lee & the Dragonaires in the 70’s & 80’s, then he was the Producer/Manager of Boris Gardener & and the late great Cynthia Schloss.

At age 12, his first recorded and released single "Can't Live Without You" featuring Red Rat and his brother and close family members Richard “Shams” Browne & Robert “Dubwise” Browne, caught the attention of Danny Browne, the Producer/Musician & CEO of Main Street Records. Impressed by the young performer's musical abilities and charisma, Browne mentored the artiste, allowing him to nurture his talent and gain valuable experience alongside Main Street Records artists such as; General Degree, Buccaneer, Papa San, Lt. Stitchie, Lady G, Richie Stephens and Junior Tucker. While still in school Red Rat recorded his first single "Itsy Bitsy" for Danny Browne's Main Street Records. The same year of graduating from Meadowbrook High School, Red Rat under the watchful eye of Browne moved full steam ahead releasing a string of hit singles including "Shelly-Ann" and "Dwayne" that catapulted him to the top of Reggae & Pop charts Worldwide, while showcasing his unmistakable voice, unique sense of humor and his unforgettable trademark "Oh-No!"

Red Rat’s 1996 debut album "Oh No....It's Red Rat!" quickly became one of Greensleeves Records greatest selling albums with hits such as "Tight Up Skirt"(one of the most sampled dancehall tracks), "Cruise" (featured in the movie 'The Big Hit'), "Big Man Little Yute” featuring stable mate Goofy, along with “Good Boy” & “Charlene”, produced by the Great Steely & Clevie, “Rumors”, and “Street Side a me base” to name a few.  The album's success, steady radio play and demand for his outrageous live performances led Red Rat doing concerts all over the Globe. Red Rat steadily toured The Caribbean, North, South & Latin Americas, The United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, Africa and beyond. The album “I'm a Big Kid Now" followed in 1999 with more hits and critical acclaimed songs like “Best Friend” featuring Ghost and “Thinking of you: Featuring Kele Le Roc produced by London’s legendary producer Curtis Lynch Jnr. Throughout the year afterwards, Red Rat created other mega hits such as  “Bizzy Bizzy Blah”, “Bun Dem”, “Cya Sleep”, and “Skin a Slap”. His musical diversity and mainstream popularity led to a series of collaborations with International artists such as Janet Jackson, Treach of Naughty by Nature, and British Iconic dance music group Groove Armada.

The buzz from his fans anticipating a new album, along with the breakup of Main Street Records in 1999, Red Rat started to put his Production skills to use and created his label Rat-A-Kastle Records. He got inspired and returned back to the studio where he began recording new tracks with chart-topping producers including Scott Storch, Salaam Remi, Blackout Movements, Troyton Rami, Tony Kelly, DJ Buddha, Dias Brothers, Black Chiney and Cool and Dre.

Sadly, in 2007, Red Rat’s father passed unexpectedly and Red Rat took a short break from the music scene. During this time it allowed him to reflect on life itself, and the new direction in which his life was headed. He decided to reflect on a new direction for him as the artiste and a producer, who had to once again redefine himself. He began to educate himself more about the business of music and began to understand what his “Brand” is.

“Everything is different, but nothing has changed” said Red Rat recently on a movie set alongside Jackie Harry and Fazion Love called G.E.D. He continued to do Productions and collaborated with many acclaimed artist and producers on a project with International recording artist Tupac (The Rose That Grew From Concrete), and is quoted in the book, “A Rose That Grew From Concrete” for which he was personally asked to be apart of by Afeni Shakur; he continued to remain busy working with Renee from Zhane, R&B group NEXT, Hip Hop artist Mims, Lord Cassidy, and many others. Red Rat was featured on a song “Final Shake Down” with Groove Armada, exceeded his expectations when Bacardi in Europe picked it up as their theme song for 2009. Later that year, Red Rat rebranded himself as Double R was offered an opportunity to become the President of A&R/ Musical Director at an independent record label called Infinity Moguls Inc., LLC. Red Rat, now all grown up, with a new image, new management, a new message and a new sound, along with a whole armada of new songs and productions, Red Rat took on this venture with poise and grace, which has now put him in an Iconic status .

Red Rat began working with a young female artist named Pascalle, who is also his business partner with Infinity Moguls. He saw her writing and singing abilities and most of all her drive and determination, and began to develop her as an international recording and performing artist. Pascalle has since performed with him all over the world and since then he began to coach her personally himself. Red Rat then went on to collaborating with Dane-o, his cousin, a Toronto based rapper, the song also featuring his artist Pascalle called “Hoo Yuh Want”. Followed by Red Rat and Infinity Moguls teamed up with ABRA in 2010, for the release of “Rose Up Zimbabwe” which became an anthem for the country. Following an amazing experience in Africa, Red Rat revisited the Central America market, where Infinity Moguls partnered with Ruff and Tuff on another song that became Pascalle’s single “HAUTE” featuring Red Rat and Toledo. The song was released in 2016, and quickly rose to the top of the Caribbean charts.

In 2016 Red Rat teamed up with DJ Buddha to create an EDM/Dancehall/Mumbaton fused song called “Higher” featuring an up and coming artist dEvolve which was released in September 2016 and became one of the fastest song to get over three million (3,000,000) steams on Spotify in less than three months. Now with a few artists and producers signed under his belt, and a few hit singles later. Red Rat is set to release his highly anticipated fourth (4th) studio Album/EP in 2017. Red Rat is an International Iconic Reggae & Dancehall Artist, possessing greatness that ensures that his individuality is very different from all the rest.


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